Valuable Prescription Drug Savings Start with Finding the Right PBM!

The pharmacy benefit is the most used benefit and simultaneously the MOST misunderstood benefit.  Many employers are concerned about changing pharmacy benefit managers for fear something might go wrong, costs might go up, or their employees and families might be disrupted. With the world of pharmacy continuously changing - new, very expensive specialty drugs are released - the pharmacy benefit can be "murky." People need these drugs to manage or cure their chronic conditions, but their employers are challenged with how to pay for these increased costs. So how is an employer supposed to provide these much needed benefits while controlling their cost?

There's a Common Dilemma
To get the total benefits package "right" and to keep employees as healthy as possible, it all starts with the pharmacy benefit! To manage total health care costs - that means medical, lab and pharmacy - we need to focus attention on the pharmacy benefit. We need to get people to take their medications as prescribed. Unfortunately, prescription nonadherence is a huge cost driving factor. For whatever reason they may have, people are not taking their medications as prescribed: They can't afford to continue their treatment. They don't know of any resources to help them make their treatments more attainable. They simply do not understand the importance of continuing their treatment because they "feel better". These reasons aren't benefiting your employees and their families, nor is it benefiting your out of pocket expense.

Consider this: if your employees and their family aren't completing their treatment, they're more likely to revisit the doctor for the same or worsened condition - costing more money for both you and your employee. There are ways to educate employees and their families on avoiding cost inducing hindrances and ensure a higher treatment adherence. It's just a matter of taking initiative and having a PBM that cares enough to catch these patterns and follow up.

You Have a Helping Hand
I wonder how many employers may be changing PBMs for January 1, and realize that some of the promises made months ago are not coming to fruition? Those promises were part of your decision making process, and now surprises may be cropping up. You should feel at ease that your PBM is doing what needs to be done to ensure your employees are able to get a drug at the pharmacy and they should be responsive when things don’t go as planned.

Is your PBM reaching out to employees to find them less expensive alternatives, or assistance programs? If not, you may be working with the wrong PBM. Fortunately when you work with a pharmacy benefit consultant like me, I have a true passion for advocating for employers and their employees. That’s where it all starts and ends.

It's my firm belief that there's always room to keep improving and innovating. And if you're truly passionate about what you do, you'll find ways to achieve goals that you didn't think were possible by thinking outside of the box. Not only do I use what I know and learn each day to help lower prescription drug expenses for employers, but I help to improve the quality of life for their employees and families as well!

So, for employers with mid year medical and pharmacy contracts expiring who are troubled by benefit costs and increasing trends, why not spring into action and schedule a 30 minute conversation to see how Synergy Pharmacy Benefit Consultants can help you solve your pharmacy benefits challenges?

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