Service Above Self in the PBM Industry

Have you ever felt like your pharmacy benefit manager just isn't hearing your needs or that they have their own motives? It's a pretty common problem that many employers, brokers and consultants face on a daily basis when dealing with pharmacy benefit management solutions. Fortunately, not all of us are created equally. Here's why you shouldn't judge every book by its cover.

What's Right for the Client
I’ve traveled across the U.S for years speaking with brokers, consultants, and employers about their cerns regarding pharmacy benefits. While there are regional differences in some ways, there is a common thread no matter where I’ve traveled - employers are very concerned about the rising costs of both new and older medications, how expensive they are, how to afford them, but also wanting to make sure their employees get only the very best. After all - these are THEIR employees. THEIR business. They take pride in their products and services - so it’s my job to make sure I support employers - my clients - in every way I can. Even if my recommendation is to NOT use my services because what they have is working for them, irrespective of the reasons - personal long term relationships, a business-to-business arrangement, contractual limitations or timing is just not right due to other business priorities.
"I have worked with Barbara Bartelsmeyer in the past and she possesses vast knowledge and expertise in the pharma management space. She gets my full endorsement!” 
Chief Financial Officer, Regional Bank, St. Louis, MO

"Barbara is a diligent sales professional who understands the complex pharmacy benefit management industry. Barbara advocates for her customers and has the ability to create strong relationships. It is always a pleasure to work with Barbara because she has a very positive attitude." [VP, Marketing, large PBM]

"Thank you for the time you spent patiently bringing me up to speed regarding many of the dynamics associated with the crazy world of pharmacy." [VP, Government Business, large managed care organization]

"I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara incorporating pharmacy benefits with our self funded products. Her industry knowledge and focus are first rate. Her willingness to get creative and collaborate is superior." [RVP, large Payor]

"Barbara always comes prepared and ready to work on the task in front of us. She has a clear vision of what she wants, yet is eager to listen and incorporate the ideas of those around her.  Even though our projects can be demanding and time-sensitive, Barbara is always cheerful and pleasant to work with." [Project Manager, Global Technology Company]

Service Above Self
The bottom line is that people do business with others they trust and know have their personal interests in mind. That’s me. I listen more than talk and ask questions to help me better understand what’s important to the customer, their individual decisions and the rationale behind them. I am not a salesperson. I am an experienced individual who cares about others and doing the right thing, asking the right questions, and finding the right solutions. I just happen to believe that providing the best possible, most affordable and highest service pharmacy benefits for employers and their employees and families is very important. After all, I’ve always thought - “Shouldn’t employers and their employees be able to buy prescription drugs at the lowest possible costs without price gouging, suffering smoke and mirrors in a proposal, exorbitant profit margins and sub-standard service?”

As your prescription solutions expert, I strive to deliver state-of-the-art auditing technology to provide immediate feedback on PBM performance, including contract compliance and opportunity analysis for cost management. With aggressive group purchasing contract pricing in place with multiple PBMs, Synergy ensures the best possible outcomes through high-cost management and contract audits. I'm uniquely positioned to manage the entire spectrum of PBM services – from selection to annual audits – to ensure employers receive benefit options and services typically reserved for exclusive entities. How does scheduling a 30 minute conversation to see how I can help you solve your pharmacy benefits challenges sound?

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