Save Money by Taking the Mystery Out of Your Pharmacy Benefits Plan

Prescription medication spending continues to rise, and for self-funded employers these cost increases can really take a toll on finances. Obviously, pharmacy isn't YOUR business specialty, nor should it be. The rising costs and the factors that drive them tend to be a mystery for employers like yourself. Sadly, most employers just continue to pay as the bill increases because they don't know what they can do about it.

The first step in managing cost is to understand what's driving the ever-increasing prices, and then from there you can determine the best solution for managing the costs and care of your employees. So let's start by addressing the problem.

The Problem:
High prices of pharmacy benefits plans are driven by:

1. High cost of specialty drugs
Specialty drugs are used by 1-3% of the US population, but account for around 35% of the total drug costs. The projected specialty drug/biotech trend rate for 2017 is an exceptionally high 18.7%.

2. Lack of transparency
Manufacturers pay billions in rebates but most employers are unaware and are not receiving a percentage of those rebates to offset their pharmacy benefit costs.

3. Patients not adhering to their prescribed medication plans
When employees aren't adhering to their prescribed medication plan, it can be costly for the employer because it can lead to more significant health issues requiring more expensive treatment over time.

The Solution:
Prescription drug spending growth is at historically high levels – which makes it tough to contain costs and maintain or improve the quality of care for your employees. The bottom line is that you have a business to run. You don't have the time to research, analyze, let alone understand the costs associated with these complicated plans and their nuances.

This is where we come in – educating you on how to minimize the trends that drive your costs up, save you money, and provide concierge level service. We provide customized prescription solutions to employers, associations, Third Party Administrators and Taft-Hartley funds through our coalition contracts with major national pharmacy benefit managers and prescription assistance cards.

Our Affordable Best-in-Class Pharmacy Benefit Management Solutions Include:
  • Group purchasing contracts with major national pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) 
  • Customized prescription drug benefit solutions 
  • PBM contract and savings analysis 
  • Prescription assistance cards 
What would a 10%-20% savings in your pharmacy costs mean to your business's bottom line? Allowing Synergy Pharmacy Benefit Consultants to continually review your prescription drug plan and claims provides you the opportunity to do just that. Regular utilization report cards can help to identify parts of a plan that may need improvement, areas that could be cut to preserve spending, and can show you areas in which you can save money by adjusting copays, modifying benefit design, adding proactive clinical and specialty drug management programs and assistance opportunities and considering a closed formulary.

So, if you're a self funded employer who feels they're paying way too much for their prescription drug plan – we have solutions for you! Trust in the best Pharmacy Benefit Management service provider to complete a FREE no obligation claims analysis! We'll help you pinpoint the areas that need improvement and help you save money in the process!

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Pharmacy Benefit Management Solutions

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