Employers: Are You Paying More for Your Prescription Drug Program than you Expected?

Employers, you could be paying more for your prescription drug program than you ever expected, and getting less and less for your money. You deserve the best for your investment, including topnotch service, reporting, claims analysis, and the deep discounts typically offered only to very large entities. So, how can you ensure you're getting the same service as large corporations for a price that you can afford? The answer is simple: Hire a prescription solutions expert to provide ongoing claims analysis to ensure you're getting the most for your money!

Don't Pay More For Your Prescription Drug Plan than Required
A Pharmacy benefit consultant can ensure that there is no waste taking place in prescription drug use and that employers are not paying more for their prescription drug plan than required. How we accomplish this is by conducting ongoing audits of the prescription drug claims being made throughout the year to capture any potential overspending or miscoding that could be costing you money. We also serve as an advisor for employers by providing advice and recommendations on different plan designs, clinical programs and more.

Ensure That Employees are Properly Using their Benefits
While it may appear that when your employees aren't using their prescription drug benefits (even when they need them) you should be saving money on the costs, this actually causes a reverse effect on your spending. If someone with an illness isn't taking their medications as prescribed, they're not following through on their treatment - therefore, not getting better. This can cause them to become sicker, which in turn can cause them to require more expensive treatment and prescriptions - raising your costs. Having a clinical pharmacist constantly overseeing your claims utilization for chronic conditions like oncology, helps to ensure that patients stay on their medications. This keeps their medical claims costs lower and keeps more money in your pocket.

Increased Rx Access with Lower Cost
The goal of a Pharmacy management specialist is to reduce pharmacy drug spend within prescription benefits plans and to help patients achieve better health outcomes through greater access to appropriate medications. To do this, we work with drug manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies, and plan sponsors. This allows us to increase patients’ access to medications by negotiating directly with drug manufacturers or wholesalers to lower costs. We also achieve this by searching for pharmaceutical manufacturer assistance programs that will lower costs of very expensive drugs.

It's Worth Getting Ongoing Claims Analyses!
If you are not or have not reviewed your pharmacy benefits in a while - it’s time! We provide customized prescription solutions for self-funded employers through our coalition contracts with major national pharmacy benefit managers and prescription assistance cards. We put medicine within reach, keeping dollars in employers’ and patients’ pockets.

Request a FREE no-obligation claims analysis. Once you see what you could be saving annually in your prescription drug spending, you'll be a believer that our ongoing claims analyses is in your best interest!

If you could save 10% to 20% on JUST your Rx claims costs, is that worth a 30 minute conversation? If so, let's chat - 314-406-1417.

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