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Hello and WELCOME to Synergy Pharmacy Benefit Consultants, LLC's first blog ever! We're very excited to get started on this new journey, and to share with you information, news, and more about the world of Pharmacy Benefit Management and employer savings. Going forward we'll be sharing with you a wealth of knowledge, not only about our services, but also about ways you as an employer can save money while still providing excellent employee compensation packages, and so much more. This week, we'll begin by sharing a little bit about the business and why we do what we do.

Your Prescription Solutions Experts

Our management team has over 99 years of collective successful experience in sales, marketing, account management, implementations, data analysis and clinical pharmacy. Our core model is based on our ability to negotiate the industry’s most competitive volume-based pricing. We are uniquely positioned to manage the entire spectrum of Pharmacy Benefit Management services – from selection to annual audits – to ensure employers receive benefit options and services typically reserved for exclusive entities.

The Synergy Elite Marketplace suite of services delivers state-of-the-art auditing technology to provide immediate feedback on PBM performance, including contract compliance and opportunity analysis for cost management. With pricing in place, Synergy ensures the best possible outcomes through high-cost management and contract audits.

Why We Do What We Do

The pharmacy drug landscape is continually changing – unbridled manufacturer cost increases, a specialty drug pipeline filled with expensive and much needed biologics, employers running out of money to fund benefits so must cost-shift to employees, sick employees going bankrupt or trading on the Dark Web to get their medications, and private exchanges missing the mark on controlling healthcare and pharmacy costs.

Twenty-seven percent of employers are using a high deductible plan with coinsurance as part of their specialty drug benefit, according to the 2017 Trends in Specialty Drug Benefit Report published by the Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI). Although this strategy helps to lower insurance premiums, it can come at a price of members not following their prescribed drug therapy regimen due to affordability.

What Would 5%-15% Savings in Pharmacy Costs Mean to You?

Prescription drug spending growth is at historically high levels – which makes it tough to contain costs and maintain or improve the quality of care for your employees. That’s where Synergy comes in! We provide customized prescription solutions to employers, associations, Third Party Administrators and Taft-Hartley funds through our coalition contracts with major national pharmacy benefit managers and prescription assistance cards.

So, if you're an employer or individual without pharmacy benefits, with high deductibles and out of pocket maximums, or you are simply struggling to pay for the prescription medications you need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle – we have solutions for you! Trust in the best Pharmacy Benefit Management service provider in Missouri to handle your benefit program needs. We put medicine within reach, keeping dollars in employers’ and patients’ pockets.
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