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Reflections and Future Focus for 2018

With yearend rapidly approaching, many of us are looking back over the year giving thanks to all the wonderful things we were blessed with, and considering the things we'd like to change. As we reflect on 2017 and look forward to a better/healthier/more productive/more successful 2018, Synergy Pharmacy Benefit Consultants takes a look at some ways we can help ourselves to stay focused and accomplish our goals.

Slow It Down
Being busier - doing more, working longer hours, sending and answering more emails and texts - probably means you are reacting to somebody else’s monkey and issues. The only way to add clarity and focus and prioritize what’s important to you and your organization is to Slow It Down. Take a walk. Go for a run. Work out at the gym. Give your brain time to solve a problem or pop up with a creative idea you’ve been waiting for.

Exercise and Socialize
If our bodies are weak and sick, nothing else matters, right? Exercise the body and mind. Strong bodies and minds are t…

6 Ways to TAKE CONTROL of Your Pharmacy Benefit Spending

We are all witnessing healthcare spending continuing to rise at an alarming rate. What does an employer do? Cost shift? Increase deductibles, out of pocket maximums, co-payments and coinsurance? Reduce the network? Offer only a limited/closed formulary (drug list)? Increase the eligibility waiting period? Carve out specialty drug coverage? Implement mandates for mail order?  Review which benefit channel drugs are being dispensed and are the most cost effective? Pay a consultant to analyze high cost claims and look for cheaper alternatives? 

The top driver of health benefit cost increases today is prescription drugs. Drugs like insulin, blood pressure treatments, and cholesterol blockers have long played a critical role in employees’ health. Between May 2015 and May 2016 alone, prescription drug costs trended at 9.8%. In fact, the most expensive biologic breakthrough treatment regimens can exceed $750,000 per year! Specialty medication spending has nearly doubled since 2011, reaching m…

Valuable Prescription Drug Savings Start with Finding the Right PBM!

The pharmacy benefit is the most used benefit and simultaneously the MOST misunderstood benefit.  Many employers are concerned about changing pharmacy benefit managers for fear something might go wrong, costs might go up, or their employees and families might be disrupted. With the world of pharmacy continuously changing - new, very expensive specialty drugs are released - the pharmacy benefit can be "murky." People need these drugs to manage or cure their chronic conditions, but their employers are challenged with how to pay for these increased costs. So how is an employer supposed to provide these much needed benefits while controlling their cost?

There's a Common Dilemma
To get the total benefits package "right" and to keep employees as healthy as possible, it all starts with the pharmacy benefit! To manage total health care costs - that means medical, lab and pharmacy - we need to focus attention on the pharmacy benefit. We need to get people to take their m…

Service Above Self in the PBM Industry

Have you ever felt like your pharmacy benefit manager just isn't hearing your needs or that they have their own motives? It's a pretty common problem that many employers, brokers and consultants face on a daily basis when dealing with pharmacy benefit management solutions. Fortunately, not all of us are created equally. Here's why you shouldn't judge every book by its cover.

What's Right for the Client
I’ve traveled across the U.S for years speaking with brokers, consultants, and employers about their cerns regarding pharmacy benefits. While there are regional differences in some ways, there is a common thread no matter where I’ve traveled - employers are very concerned about the rising costs of both new and older medications, how expensive they are, how to afford them, but also wanting to make sure their employees get only the very best. After all - these are THEIR employees. THEIR business. They take pride in their products and services - so it’s my job to make su…